General Guidelines for Successful Milling

  • Select the best grade for the application
  • Select cutter diameter 1.5 times greater than the workpiece width
  • Eliminate any overhang to increase stability
  • Choose the strongest nose radius
  • No Coolant. Use compressed air
  • Check clamp and part rigidity

HRSA material

Guidelines for Successful Milling

  • Down or climb milling where the chip thins upon exit is the preferred method for HNBA materials
  • Reduce feed rate 50% upon entrance and exit
  • Do not recut side walls as this can cause work hardening
  • Use balanced shell mill adapter or shrink fit for end-mills
  • As DOC gets thinner the feed must be increased to compensate for heat loss
  • Use RPG geometries if tool pressure is a problem
  • E01, E02 edge preparation recommended

AVM series

  • High performance milling cutter line that uses round-shaped inserts for machining both aerospace and hardened steels
  • SX7, the new SiAlON grade, has the best performance for high speed machining of high temperature alloys

HRSA materials and Hardened Materials