• Adjust centerline height simply with a wrench
1Adjust centerline height easily
  • Eliminate center boss on end faces
  • Provide constant OD dimension
  • Adjust easily in machine

DS-ACH Toolholders

2Optimized design reduces vibration
Good chip control
DS-ACH type Conventional type
DS-ACH type Conventional type
Excellent surface Chattered
Tested cutting conditions (304 SS)

Work material : 304 SS
Holder : DS-SDUL19-11-ACH
Insert : DCGT32.508MCL TM4
Cutting condition : 250 SFM .002 IPR .079" DOC WET

Tested cutting conditions (304 SS)

How to use

Insert moves in an upward direction only. (Loosen wedge screw before making any adjustment)

How to use

① Install the holder slightly below centerline. Then take a facing test cut.

How to use

② Measure the diameter of the centerboss.

How to use

③ aise the center height by one half of the diameter of the boss.
‌Adjustment references are available in the tool case.

How to use

④ Re-machine the end face.

*A combination of single-blade type endmills and inserts with center blade is required