Thread Whirling


  • NTK's unique patented design technology makes precise and correct inserts the first time, without any redesign or remanufacture even if it is a multiple-lead thread
  • Sharp cutting edges produce a better surface finish and longer tool life than competitor's inserts

Form Double-lead or Multiple-lead with Single Pass

  Double-lead threads Triple-lead threads
Work Bone screw Worm gear
Work material Ti-6Al-4V ELI brass
Work appearance Work appearance
Insert appearance Insert appearance
Major Dia. Ø.157"(4.0mm) Ø.278"(7.0mm)
Minor Dia. Ø.094"(2.4mm) Ø.185"(4.7mm)
[Pitch×No. of Lead]
  • Can reduce cycle time by more than half
  • NTK can achieve what other competitors cannot
Double-lead Bone Screw Process Example
  1. 11st thread whirl at taper part
  2. 2Rotate the bar 180°and whirl the 2nd thread on same part as 1
  3. 3Thread whirl whole straight part
  4. 4Thread whirl at very last part to get two-exits, after back of bar has been backed up a half lead (one pitch) and rotated 180º