Y-axis Toolholder

Y-axis Toolholder

Y-axis Toolholder


  • Chip drops down to the bed of the machine due to gravity, and chip control problem is solved
  • Available in coolant through style
  • Front turning, grooving, and back turning operations can be performed by utilizing Y-axis control

Splash Series

  • Perfect solution for chip problems
  • Less wear, more stable dimensions

Programming guidance

Regular Toolholder   Y-axis Toolholder
Select tool
②G0 X .450 Z .000 T3
Position tool
②G0   Y .450 Z .000 T3
X .000      
④G1 X .300   F .003
Move to OD to cut
④G1   Y .300   F .003
  Z .200 F .002
Cut .200" length
    Z .200 F .002
X .400    
Cut face
  Y .450    
⑦G0 X .450    
⑦G0 X .450      
Cut by X-axis Cut by Y-axis

Note: Need Y-offset for holder shank size.