AMXchipbreakerFor front turning operations | Swiss CNC Lathes

Chipbreaker for very light depths of cut

Reliable chip control at depths of 0.3 mm or less

Chipbreaker specially designed for very small depths of cut
Ideal for high precision machining

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  • Depth of cut ranges from 0.05 to 0.3 mm
  • Low depth of cut and low feed machining
  • Sharp edge to target high precision parts manufacturers

Tooling application

Swiss CNC Lathe front turning operations

AMX chip contorl range

Cutting conditions

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Coated grade Material Operation type Cutting speed (m/min) Feed (mm/rev) DOC (mm)
QM3 Alloy steel / carbon steel / hardened material OD Turning continuous 50 - 120 0.02 - 0.10 0.05 - 0.3
DM4/DT4 Difficult-to-cut material / titanium alloy 30 - 100
TM4 Non-ferrous / aluminum / plastic / general purpose 50 - 180

Chipbreaker geometry

Exceptional sharpness and low tool pressure for shearing material to ensure part accuracy

Chip formation comparison

[ Cutting conditions ]
Material : SUS304  vc=100m/min  WET

Case study

Machine parts
Material :
Cutting speed :
170 m/min
Feed :
0.15 mm/rev
0.15 mm
Coolant :
DM4+ AMX chipbreaker

10 pcs / corner

Competitor's molded chipbreaker
(coated cermet)

5pcs / corner

AMX achieved stable machining performance and good chip control.

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