DS-ACH holder seriesFor front turning operations | Swiss CNC Lathes

Designed to easily adjust the cutting edge height in machines without Y2 axis capability

Wedge mechanism adjusts centerline height of the cutting edge by turning a set screw with a wrench

Eliminates time consuming cutting edge alignment process

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  • Range of centerline adjustment: 0 - 0.2 mm
  • Height adjustment of the cutting edge is done by turning a screw and bending the tip of the holder with a wedge mechanism.
  • Patented holder design improves rigidity, compared to conventional holders, to eliminate vibration

Tooling application

For front turning operations

Design optimizes vibration resistance

[ Cutting conditions ] SUS304
Material : SUS304
  Holder : DS-SDUL19-11-ACH
  Insert : TM4 DCGT11T302MCL
Cutting conditions : Vc = 75 m/min 、f = 0.05 ㎜/rev、ap = 2.0 ㎜

How to use: The insert moves in an upward direction only. (Loosen wedge screw before making any adjustments)

① Install the holder slightly below centerline.
Then take a facing test cut. (be sure to loosen the wedge screw)

② Measure the diameter of the center boss.

③ Raise the center height by one half of the diameter of the boss.
Adjustment instruction sheet is supplied in the toolholder case.

④ Re-machine the end face.

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