B5K/B52For continuous-light interruption machining | CBN for machining hardened material

High performance, low cost, versatile CBN

CBN grades ideal for high-precision machining

Roughing to finishing continuous cut operations
Ideal for hardened materials of HRC 55 or higher

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  • Excellent wear resistance due to optimum CBN content and special TiC binders
  • Continuous to light interrupted machining
  • B5K - coated CBN grade:
    Ideal for machining the hardened material layer and the inner lower hardened layer. A special hard TiCN layer prevents a chemical reaction between the CBN and the iron in the work piece during material removal.
    B52 - uncoated CBN grade:
    Ideal for machining the hardened material layer.

Tooling application

Continuous operations for hardened material at HRC55 or above

Grade application chart

Cutting conditions

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●1st Recommendation
〇2nd Recommendation
Grade Material Operation type Machining Cutting speed (m/min) Feed(mm/rev) DOC(mm) DRY WET
B5K/B52 Hardened material (HRC55 or above) Turning Continuous machining Finishing 100 - 300 ~ 0.2 0.1 - 1.0

Edge preparations

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Performance comparison by edge preparation

As the edge preparation increases the tool pressure on the insert increases.
[ Cutting conditions ]
SCM415(HRC63-65)  vc=200m/min  f=0.1mm/rev  ap=0.2mm, DRY
[ Insert ]
There is a direct correlation between an increase in the edge preparation and improvement of insert fracture resistance.
[ Cutting conditions ]
SCM415(HRC63-65)  vc=75m/min  f=0.1mm/rev  ap=0.3mm  DRY
[ Insert ]

Case study

OD Turning of shaft parts
Material :
Cutting speed :
150 m/min
Feed :
0.1 mm/rev
0.2 mm
Coolant :

6 pcs / corner

Competitor's coated CBN

3 pcs / corner

B5K achieved 2 times longer tool life.
Due to dimensional changes and deterioration of the machined surface the competitor's coated CBN needed to be changed.
ID boing of automotive parts
Material :
Carbon steel(HRC56-58)
Cutting speed :
190 m/min
Feed :
0.05 mm/rev
0.25 mm
Coolant :

240 pcs / corner

Competitor's coated CBN

200 pcs / corner

B52 insert achieved 1.2 times higher tool life than the competitor's coated CBN insert.

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