The Front MaxFor Front turning operations | Swiss CNC Lathes

Single pass machining of up to 5.0mm depth of cut

Significant reduction in cycle time due to large depth of cut capability

Chip control at both large DOC and high feed and low DOC and low feed conditions

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  • Capable of a 5.0 mm maximum depth of cut
  • NTK's unique insert design provides excellent chip control and surface finish.
  • Coolant through toolholders provide additional machining stability and performance

Tooling application

Swiss CNC Lathe Front turning operations

TFX chip control range

Cutting conditions

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Coated grade Material Operation type Cutting speed (m/min) Feed (mm/rev) DOC (mm)
ST4 Stainless OD Turning continuous 50 - 120 0.03 - 0.1 0.5 - 5.0
DM4 Difficult-to-cut material / titanium alloy
Alloy steel / carbon steel / hardened material
Non-ferrous / aluminum / plastic / general purpose

Cutting performance

The Front Max

High rigidity and chip control ensures consistently superior surface finishes

[ Cutting conditions ]
DOC : 5.0mm Material : SUS304  vc=80m/min  f=0.03mm  WET

Chips from competitor's large DOC product

Lack of chip control leads to a poor machined surface finish

[ Cutting conditions ]
Material : SUS304  vc=80m/min  WET
Coolant through holders are available for TFX inserts to provide further machining stability
① Coolant stream directed to evacuate chips
② Coolant stream improves insert tool life

Case study

Material :
Cutting speed :
Feed :
Coolant :
The Front Max

180pcs / corner

Competitor’s product
50pcs / corner

The TFX "Front Max" machined at a high feeds of ap=5.0 mm while extending tool life by more than 3 x compared to the competitor's insert

Electronic component
Material :
Cutting speed :
Feed :
Coolant :
ST4+ The Front Max

160pcs / corner

CCGT09 Type
(PVD coated carbide)

80pcs / corner

The current tool required 4 passes to remove the large amount of material.
TFX machined the same material removal in 1 pass.
The feed rate was reduced to improve chip control.
Cycle time was significantly shortened and tool life increased.

Tool lineup

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