ZC7/HC4For continuous machining | Ceramic for machining materials 30 - 70 HRC

Significant cost savings for high hardness materials

Machines a wide range of hardened materials

Real tool cost reductions by replacing CBN
ZC7: Ideal for hardened materials from 30 - 62 HRC
HC4: Ideal for hardened materials from 55 - 70 HRC


  • High hot hardness and low plasticity at high temperature ranges make them ideal for finishing of hardened materials
  • Significant tool cost reductions are achieved by replacing CBN
  • Inserts with a wiper flat or a chipbreaker are available to further improve machining efficiency

Tooling application

Hardened material
Continuous finish turning hardened materials 30-70HRC

Grade & Speed recommendation chart

Cutting conditions

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Grade Material Operation type Machining Cutting speed (m/min) Feed(mm/rev) DOC(mm) DRY WET
ZC7 Hardened material (HRC30-62) Turning
Continuous machining
Finishing 40 - 200 - - -
HC4 Hardened material (HRC55-70)

Recommended Depth of cut and Feed rate

Corner R DOC (㎜) Feed (㎜ /rev)
R0.4 0.15 0.05 ~ 0.08
R0.8 0.3 0.08 ~ 0.10
R1.2 0.4 0.10 ~ 0.13
R1.6 0.5 0.13 ~ 0.16
Round insert 2.0 0.16 ~ 0.25

Grade application map

CBN's low hardness reduces its wear resistance
Ceramic has superior wear resistance vs. CBN machining under HRC55

Inserts with a wiper flat or a chipbreaker are available

Effect of Wiper Flat on Cutting Edge
[ Cutting conditions ]
Vc=100m/min  F=0.1㎜/rev  ap=0.5㎜
Using a ZC7 insert with AG-chipbreaker improves surface finish and reduces machine down-time due to chip taggling. This results in increased productivity.
[ Cutting conditions ]
SCM415 - carburized HRC50  vc=150m/min f=0.2㎜/rev  ap=0.2㎜

Case study

Material :
Carburized steel
Cutting speed :
Feed :
Coolant :
ZC7 ( 4 corner )

70 pcs / corner

Competitor’ CBN ( 2 corner )

50 pcs / corner

ZC7 achieved longer tool life per corner and significantly reduced tool costs with 4 corners compared to the compeitor's 2 corner CBN.
Industrial part
Material :
Cutting speed :
Feed :
Coolant :

50pc/month - stable machining

Competitor’ CBN

50 pcs/month - unstable machining

ZC7 machined the same number of parts as the competitor's CBN.
ZC7 performance was much more stable and significantly reduced tool costs for the customer.

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