CUT DUOCut-off operations for diameters up to φ34| Swiss CNC Lathes

Highly rigid cut-off tool

Increased insert clamp rigidity to ensure stable machining

Molded chipbreaker and rigid holder system for stable performance
Coolant through holders available to further improve chip control

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  • Unique molded chipbreaker that tightly curls chips
  • Sharpness is improved by polishing the insert edge
  • Reduced tool pressure improves part surface finish

Tooling application

Swiss CNC lathe cut-off operation

Cutting conditions

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Coated grade Material Operation type Cutting speed (m/min) Feed (mm/rev) Maximum cut-off diamter
QM3 Alloy steel / carbon steel / hardened material Cut off 50 - 130 0.04 - 0.2 φ34
DM4 Difficult-to-cut material / titanium alloy 50 - 100 0.03 - 0.15
TM4 Non-ferrous / aluminum / plastic / general purpose 50 - 200 0.05 - 0.2

Cutting performance

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Coolant through series of holders (CTDP...OH/OH2)

Evacuates chips to eliminate chip tangling
Coolant is directed at the cutting edge which greatly improves insert tool life.

Case study

Material :
Cutting speed :
80 m/min
Feed :
0.05 mm/rev
Coolant :

6,000 pcs / corner

Competitor’s PVD coated

3,000 pcs / corner

Cut Duo achieved 2x the tool life and generated high quality surface finishes compared to the competitor's PVD coated insert

Valve parts
Material :
Cutting speed :
100 m/min
Feed :
0.05 mm/rev
Coolant :

230 pcs / corner

Competitor's molded chipbreaker
(PVD coated carbide)

100 pcs / corner

Cut Duo achieved 2.3 x more tool life compared to competitor's insert with chipbreaker. Its sharp cutting edge greatly improved the surface finish of the part

Tool lineup

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