QM3Carbon steel / Alloy steel machining | Carbide grade for Swiss CNC lathes

Amazing wear resistance, fracture resistance for wide speed range. Stable machining in demanding applications.

Long tool life and stable machining of carbon steel (like S45C) and alloy steel

Excellent toughness and stability


  • Superior fracture resistance due to the tough base material and a special TiCN coating
  • Resists wear even in low speed range
  • Stable performance through interruptions

Tooling application

For Carbon steel and Alloy steel
Front turning / Back turning / Grooving / ID boring / Threading / Cut off

QM3 comparison chart

Case study

Shaft Cut-off operation
Material :
Cutting speed :
270 SFM
Feed :
.002 IPR
Coolant :

6,000pcs / corner

Competitor’s PVD coated

3,000pcs / corner

QM3 achieved twice the tool life compared to the competitor while maintaining good part surface quality.

Flange machining
Material :
Cutting speed :
520 SFM
Feed :
.013 IPR
.059 inch
Coolant :

120pcs / corner

Competitor’s CVD coated carbide

45pcs / corner

Competitor's insert had a problem with varying tool life.
QM3 with Z5 chipbreaker achieved 2.5 times longer tool life.

Tool lineup

Please check product catalog for tooling lineup