NTK120/JP2Finishing heat resistant alloys | BIDEMICS

Machine HRSA materials at speeds of 1600 SFM with BIDEMICS

Industry changing - Super high speed finishing of HRSA materials

Up to 15 times faster speeds vs. carbide and CBN

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  • Wear resistance provides performance and consistency of machined part straightness
  • Offers finishing speeds of 1600 SFM
    NTK120 : Excellent wear resistance
    JP2 : Excellent fracture resistance

Tooling application

Finishing Heat resistant alloys
Finish turning operations

Cutting Speed and Wear Resistance Comparison

Cutting conditions

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Grade Material Operation type Machining Cutting speed (SFM) Feed(IPR) DOC(inch) Coolant
NTK120 Heat resistant alloys Turning Finishing 600 – 1600 .002 - .006 .004 - .015 WET
JP2 .002 - .007 .004 - .015

Inconel finishing cut

Workpiece finish comparison

JP2's excellent wear resistance and notching resistance results in workpiece surface finishes consistently superior to both CBN and carbide.

Wear Resistance

Part's Straightness Performance

[ Cutting conditions ]
Material : Inconel718 Speed=1050 SFM (Carbide 160 SFM) Feed= .008 IPR DOC= .004" WET

Recommended Machining Passes at a Corner

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