BIDEMICS Type-SFor Steel Machining | BIDEMICS

Cutting Steel At 1000m/min

Venture into the unknown

NTK's challenge :Cutting Steel at 1000m/min without a drop of coolant.

Product video

Value to be delivered to the manufacturing

  • Reduction of manufacturing cost and effective utilization of capital investment cost by improving productivity by high-speed cutting.
  • Reduction of environmental resources by DRY processing.
  • Long-term stable supply by reducing dependence on depleting resources. (tungsten carbide, cobalt, etc.)


First of all, we are working on the development of tool materials that can be machined at Vc=500m/min, which is a milestone.

Cutting speed1,000m/min

NTK is challenging the status quo - to reach speeds far exceeding industry expectations.

Sustainable future

Cut production cost : 40% reduction

No coolant cost

Test Sample

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