B5K/B52CBN grades for finishing ductile cast iron| Coated (B5K) / Un-coated (B52)

Best CBN grades for high-speed finishing of ductile cast iron

High-speed finishing up to Vc=~500m/min

Achieves highly effective machining even surpassing ceramic


  • Ideal for finishing ductile cast iron
  • Excellent wear resistance due to optimum CBN content and TiC binders

Tooling application

Ductile cast iron
Finish Turning

Grade characteristics

Cutting conditions

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Grade Material Operation type Machining Cutting speed (m/min) Feed(mm/rev) DOC(mm) Coolant
B5K/B52 Ductile cast iron Turning Finishing 100 - 500 0.1 - 0.4 -2.0 WET

Case study

ID bore finishing operation on a machine part
Material :
Cutting speed :
200 m/min
Feed :
0.15 mm/rev
0.2 mm
Coolant :

12 pcs / corner

Competitor's CBN

6 pcs / corner

B5K achieved 2 times longer tool life machining this interrupted ID cut.
Front hub
Material :
Cutting speed :
230 m/min
Feed :
0.16 mm/rev
0.25 mm
Coolant :

50 pcs / corner

Competitor's CBN

20 pcs / corner

B52 performance resulted in 2.5 times longer tool life and stable machining performance over the competitor's CBN insert.

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