LFV technologyTMVChipbreakerFor Front Turning | Designed for Vibration Cutting on Swiss CNC Machines

Dedicated Tools for Vibration Cutting

Reliably long tool life and stable chip evacuation during vibration cutting

The development of a cutting tool that delivers maximum performance during vibration cutting utilization.
NTK provides the best choice and eliminates the guess work of selecting a tool.


  • Dramatic reduction in cutting edge wear
    Extended tool life even machining difficult-to cut materials
  • Stable chip removal with dramatic reduction in cutting edge wear
    Stable chip formation during vibration cutting


Front turning operations on swiss cnc using vibration cutting function


Specialized for LFV technology

LFV technology

* LFV is a registered trademark of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.

[ Cutting conditions ]
Work material:SUS316L Vc = 80 m/min ap = 1.0 mm
f = 0.03 mm/rev Mode1 D1.5 Q1.5

Machining conditions

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Grade Work materials Operation Cutting conditions Vibration condition ( LFV )
Cutting speed  (m/min) Feed  (mm/rev) D.O.C. (mm) P Q D
ST4 Austenitic stainless steel
( SUS304 / SUS316 etc )
Front turning 40 - 100 0.02 - 0.06 0.5 - 2.0 Mode 1 0.5 0.5

This product is designed with a low cutting edge, so please use it after aligning the core.

Case Study

CNC Lathe Cincom L20-LFV
Work material SUS316L
Cutting speed 80 m/min
Feed 0.05 mm/rev
D.O.C. (ap) 1.0 mm
Coolant WET
Vibration condition Mode 1 Q0.5 D0.5

* Materials other than stainless steel are currently being validated

Product video


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Shape EDP/Item code Item description Quantity/Case Grade (PVD) Dimensions
ISO ANSI ST4 IC Thickness Radius
5126800 DCGT11T302MRTMV DCGT32.508MRTMV 10 9.525 3.97 0.18
5126818 DCGT11T302MRTMV2 DCGT32.508MRTMV2 2 9.525 3.97 0.18

In addition to the standard 10-piece case, a 2-piece case is available (2-piece case N/A in USA)

Continued validation and expansion of product lineup to include other part materials
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