CUT MAXCut-off operations for diameters up to 1.653"| Swiss CNC lathe / Conventional CNC lathe

Cut-off tooling for large diameter workpieces

A highly rigid holder design combined with a molded insert chipbreaker ensures stability

Rigid system supports the process of large-diameter cut-off operations that are subject to high cutting loads
Chip control is achieved with the unique chipbreaker design

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  • Maximum cut-off diameter is 1.653"
  • 2 sided inserts and width of .118"
  • GT chipbreaker with unique s-shaped feature ensures straightness and good chip curl

Tooling application

Swiss CNC lathe / Conventional CNC lathe cut-off

Tool rigidity comparison

Rigidity developed to accommodate high load cut-off applications to ensure reliability and productivity.
* The highest clamping strength of any holder currently on the market (according to our research)

Cutting conditions

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Coated grade Material Operation type Cut-off width (inch) Cutting speed (SFM) Feed (IPR) Maximum cut-off diameter
DM4 Difficult-to-cut material / titanium alloy / high temp alloys Cut off .118 100 - 300 .0012 - .005 φ1.653"

Chipbreaker geometry

① Straight cutting edge improves toughness
② Folds chips from both edges for tight curls
③ High rake angle for increased sharpness

Chip formation comparison

[ Cutting conditions ]
Material : 1045  φ1.653"  330 SFM  WET
[ Tools used ]
Insert : DM4 GWPFM300N02-GT  Holder : CTWPR2020K-3D42

Case study

Coolant control
Material :
1045 tempered steel
Cutting speed :
370 SFM
Feed :
.0028 IPR
Coolant :

700pcs / corner

Competitor’s product

350pcs / corner

Cut Max with its 2 cutting edges significantly reduced cost compared to the competitor's 1 cutting edge insert.
Cut Max achieved excellent chip control and 2 times the tool life.

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