CP1Roughing gray cast & ductile cast iron / CVD coated carbide

CVD coated carbide grade ideal for roughing

Highly efficient and stable machining even during low cutting speed conditions

Outstanding wear resistance at cutting speeds of Vc=~300m/min


  • Ideal for roughing of gray and ductile cast iron
  • High degree of wear resistance and stable machining due to thick laminated TiCN + Al2O3 coating
  • Excellent adhesion resistance with the uniquely smooth rake surface treatment

Tooling application

Gray cast iron/Ductile cast iron
Roughing with scale

Coating composition

① A very smooth layer of fine grain Al2O3
② Fine column shaped grain TiCN layer
③ Ultra - hard cemented carbide base material

Cutting conditions

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Grade Material Operation type Machining Cutting speed (m/min) Feed(mm/rev) DOC(mm) Coolant
CP1 Gray cast iron/Ductile cast iron Turning Roughing with scale, Rough to semi-finish machining 100 - 300 0.2 - 0.4 -5.0 WET

Case study

ID boring of housing part
Material :
Gray cast iron
Workpiece condition :
with scale
Cutting speed :
300 m/min
Feed :
0.5 mm/rev
2.5 mm
Coolant :

110 pcs / corner

Competitor’s CVD coated carbide

50 pcs / corner

OD machining of water pipe part
Material :
Ductile cast iron
Cutting speed :
150 m/min
Feed :
0.25 mm/rev
1.0 mm
Coolant :

60 pcs / corner

Competitor’s CVD coated carbide
8 pcs / corner

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