KM1Non-ferrous material machining | Carbide grade for Swiss CNC lathes

Tool cost advantages over PCD inserts

Perfect match for non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass, and plastics

Achieves excellent machined surface by suppressing the built-up edge
The overwhelming sharpness solves the problem of rough machined surface


  • Uncoated fine grain carbide precision ground and extremely sharp edge
  • Polished mirror finish which eliminates built up edge
    Stable workpiece dimensions and smooth machined surface

Tooling application

Non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, and plastics
Front turning / Back turning / Grooving / Cut off / Threading

KM1 comparison chart

Up sharp edges and mirror finish

Case study

Material :
Cutting speed :
90~170 m/min
Feed :
0.04 mm/rev
0.5 ~ 5.0 mm
Coolant :

300 pcs and more

Competitor’s PVD coated carbide

200 pcs

Competitor's product performed 3 rough grooving passes and 1 finishing pass but inserts were chipped and worn.
The total cycle time took over 3 minutes. KM1 performed operation in 1 pass with a cycle time of 1 minute and 50 seconds.

Tool lineup

Please check product catalog for tooling lineup