Y-axis holder seriesSelection for Front turning, back turning, grooving, Multi-functional groover (application-spool parts) | Swiss CNC lathes (vertical gang style)

Uses gravity to direct chips downward away from part

Naturally eliminates chip control issues

Replace your tradition holder to a Y-axis series holder in the vertical gang station
and see the difference in chip control. No more tangled chips

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  • Eliminates the concern of chips tangling up
    - chips automatically drop down away from part
  • Utilize coolant through y-axis holders and improve tool life and dimensional stability

Tooling application

Front turning / Back turning / For grooving
Pure Copper Processing / Machining Plastics

Programming guide

Conventional toolholder

  • Program sample
    ① T300… Select tool
    ② G0 X11.0 Z0 T3… Insert positioning
    ③G1 X8.0 F0.08 … Cut to 8.0 mm
    ④ Z5.0 F0.05… Cut up to 5.0 mm in length
    ⑤ X11.
    ⑥ G0 X11.0

In general front turning machining a tool is selected and moved to readying position and then cutting is initiated.
The cut direction is the "X-axis"

Machining with Y-axis holder

  • Program sample
    ① T300… Select tool
    ② G0 Y11.0 T3
    ③ X0… Insert positioning
    ④G1 Y8.0 F0.08 … Cut to 8.0 mm
    ⑤ Z5.0 F0.05… Cut up to 5.0 mm in length
    ⑥ Y11.0
    ⑦ G0 X11.0

When using the Y-axis holder, the tool selection ①. Insert moved to cut position and cutting starts from this position.
The cut direction is the "Y axis"
Note: Need y-offset in the program for the holder shank size.

Y-axis holder positioning guidelines

Use a maximum of 2 in vertical gang, and do not install side by side to prevent interference issues

The workpiece and Y-axis holder may interfere with each other

Typical positioning is sandwiching them in gang

When moving from tool No. ② to ④ , program retraction position based on the amount of y-axis holder overhang.

To ensure clearance, so y-axis holder in tool position ③ does not crash into workpiece.

Workpiece diameters and Y-axis holder table

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・Example uses Y-GTTR grooving holder to show holder and workpiece diameters in machine area

Tool lineup

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