Standard GEN2 SeriesDrilling| Powder coated High-speed steel, Coated carbide inserts

Large diameter and ultra-deep machining
Select the chipbreaker based on the workpiece material

Inserts achieve stable cutting performance with highly effective edge design and excellent wear resistance

Tooling selection supports hole machining diameters of "φ9.5 to φ114"
and maximum machining depth of "32D"


  • Excellent chip control
  • Fragments chips with notch and unique chipbreaker designs
  • Coolant supplied to the tool tip evacuates the chips from cutting area and cools cutting edge
  • No step feed requirements to break chips

Tooling application

Drilling for a wide range of workpiece materials

Chip fragmented with unique notch and breaker

Range of machining diameters of φ9.5 to φ114

Extra long holder for ultra-deep drilling up to 32D; a catalog standard

Maximum machining depth: 565.2mm
Insert diameter range: φ17.7 ~ φ24.  Holder part number: 29010S-25FMS

Holder is compatible with multiple drill insert diameters

Various drill insert shapes can utilize the same holder

Case study

Ship's connecting rod (φ28×650mm, 23D)
Material :
Cutting speed :
28 m/min
Feed :
0.48 mm/rev
Life :
14 holes
Coolant :


Competitor's HSS drill


By eliminating step feed, the machine time was reduced to less than 1/11th of the original machine tools.
There was also 3.7 times higher machining efficiency compared to the conventional tool.

Metal die for plastic (φ18×200mm, 11D)
Material :
Cutting speed :
37 m/min
Feed :
0.25 mm/rev
Step feed :
Competitor's tool : yes
Coolant :


Competitor's HSS solid drill


In addition to improving the machining efficiency by 4.6 times compared to the conventional tool, the machining time has been reduced to 1/8 or less by eliminating the step feed.
It has achieved the same life as conventional tools and is currently undergoing continuous testing.

Cutting conditions

Tool lineup

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