GEN3 SeriesDrilling| Coated carbide tips

Outstanding performance machining at high speeds
and feeds with good chip control

A coated carbide insert providing efficient drilling with excellent wear resistance and an original chipbreaker shape

Standard inserts for machining diameters of φ11 to φ35mm
Deep hole drilling up to a maximum machining depth of "12D"

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SCM440 drilling

S17C drilling

Thickwall drilling


  • High performance drilling with high speed drilling
  • Lineup of chipbreakers optimized for each work material
  • Chips are evacuated with a supply of coolant from the tip of the holder
  • No step feed is required to break the chip

Tooling application

Drilling operations in various work materials

Chipbreaker designs provide excellent chip control for each workpiece material group

Corresponding blade diameters and machining depths

❶ Excellent cutting edge shape provides low cutting force

Stable high-speed machining

❶ Large chip pocket for great control
❷ X thinning improves hole accuracy
❸ Cutting edge design provides low cutting forces
❹ Radial rake angle

Specialized insert edge design for workpiece applications

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Case study

Automotive brake part (φ15×87mm, 6D)
Material :
Cutting speed :
28 m/min
Feed :
0.48 mm/rev
Life :
14 holes
Coolant :


Competitor's HSS drill


3.7 times higher tool life, a significant improvement to the conventional tooling.
The machine time decreased by eliminating step feed.

Train part (φ27×135mm, 5D)
Material :
Cutting speed :
80 m/min
Feed :
0.18 mm/rev
Step feed :
Competitor's tool : yes
Coolant :


Competitor's exchangeable carbide tip drill


Machining efficiency more than doubled compared to conventional tooling.
Tool life also doubled compared to the conventional tooling.

Cutting conditions

Tool lineup

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